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At Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications we are experienced in providing shipping container fitouts. Shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular as mobile workshops. They can be easily relocated between various constructions sites and they offer a great range functions. Not only do they provide a basic space to keep equipment out of the elements and secure from theft, they can also be customised based on individual needs.
Shipping Container Fitouts Specific to Your Requirements
Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications will custom design and manufacture your shipping container fitouts to your specifications. You can select whatever type of features you desire and we will engineer it to the highest standards.
Some of the features we can incorporate into your fitout include: workbenches, kitchenettes, vents, heavy duty shelving, additional doors, wall partitions, security lock boxes, electrical fitouts, windows, air conditioners, data and phone fitouts, roller doors, insulation, ramp system and so much more.
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Quality Workmanship
Over the years that we have been in business we have gained a loyal customer base that appreciates our attentive customer service and commitment to quality workmanship. Our team always takes the time to listen to our clients needs. We only use the best quality materials and construction techniques. Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications strives to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction in everything we do.
Providing Shipping Container Fitouts & Other Quality Products
In addition to shipping container fitouts we can also provide a range of other quality services. We also specialise in custom built trailers that are suitable for a wide range of purposes. We can manufacture box trailers, car tailers, slide on campers, motorcycle trailers, tradesmen trailers, plant trailers, boat trailers and off road camper trailers. All our trailers are built to the highest standards and designed to last. They are easy to tow, lightweight and extremely durable.
We can also custom build boats, ute canopies, trays, food vending vans and other items to your specifications.
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