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Ute canopies are ideal for protecting your cargo from the elements and keeping belongings secure from thieves. There are many standard ute canopies on the market, but they are typically very basic and don't offer a lot of functionality. They can also be very cumbersome and prohibitive when it comes to accessing your load. This is where Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications can really assist you.
A Great Range of Options for Ute Canopies
We can manufacture a wide range of ute canopies custom made to your needs.Our canopies won't restrict your tray length and we can incorporate many features to give you easy access to your cargo. Whether you want a basic one door canopy without widows or a deluxe three door ute canopy with widows, or something completely different, we can customise it for you.
We can manufacture canopies ideal for when you are out exploring the outback or going about your daily work. If you are looking for a canopy to safely transport motorcycles, ATVs or other equipment, this isn't a problem. We can incorporate multiple tie-off points to secure your load and custom build storage compartments wherever necessary.
If you want tinted slide windows, interior lights or other features we are more than happy to incorporate these into the design. Whatever your needs are, rest assured that Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications will be able to create the perfect ute canopy or service body for your requirements.
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Quality Assured
As a family owned and operated business our livelihood depends on the success of our company and we can't achieve this without the support of our customers. We are committed to producing the best quality products. Whether you are interested in buying our ute canopies, trays, custom built trailers or boats, you can rest assured that they will be built to the highest possible standards.
All our products are designed and produced to ensure lasting durability. We only use the best possible materials and we put 100% into any job we undertake. No project is too big or small for our outstanding team. When you consult Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications for ute canopies you will be treated to the best possible service.
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