Off Road Camper Trailers

Custom Made Off Road Camper Trailers

Buying top quality off road camper trailers in Adelaide is easy at Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications.  Our amazing team of craftsmen are highly experienced at designing and building products that are both functional and durable.  Over the years our family owned and operated enterprise has custom built trailers in Adelaide for a diversity of applications.  Our skills and expertise has made our business one of the leading retailers of off road camper trailers in South Australia.
Have Your Off Road Camper Trailers Custom Made
There are several reasons why customers perfect coming to Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications and one of these is our ability to manufacturer off road camper trailers that meet certain specifications.  The fact that we are able to sit down with you and discuss various design options and take into consideration your needs places our service way above our competitors.  Not only will do our customers get all the design features they need, their off road camper trailers are built with precision using only the finest materials. 
Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications is well known for producing off road camper trailers with fantastic functionality.  Features such as fridges, BBQ, hot plates, sink, showers and running water can be easily incorporated into your camper trailer.   Our clever design team can give all this and more, still leaving you plenty of space for storage.
Click Here to See Examples of Our Off Road Camper Trailers
Off Road Camper Trailers & So Much More
In addition to manufacturing outstanding off road camper trailers, Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications can look after a wide range of other standard and custom trailer builds.  If you’re looking for a quality tradesmen trailer, car trailer, box trailer, boat trailer, motorcycle trailers or something completely different, we can build it.  No design is too complicated for our experienced team.
We also specialise in ute canopies that are ideal to protect your belongings and transporting loads safely.  We even design and manufacture quality aluminium boats.  Whatever your dream design is, you can be certain that Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications will be able to execute it professionally and at a price you can afford.

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