About Us

Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications was established in November 2007, as a family owned small business. I, Bill Drenth, needed a change after 25 years in the cut-throat building industry. I enjoyed camping trips and outings with my family and with numerous, engineered, vehicle projects under my belt I thought that I could use my skills, and knowledge, to help other families into the great outdoors, or make their work life easier. I also thought I could built myself an aluminium boat in the slow patches, and go fishing. I bought the aluminium for the 8m boat soon after I started the business and, unfortunately for me, due to the business going from strength to strength, my boat is still unfinished, and I haven't gone fishing. My wife, Maxine, who has over 20 years experience in the finance industry and a small business management certificate, handles the finance. My son, Shaun has been with the business since its inception, and is now involved in all facets of the business. We also have a team of skilled and experienced tradesmen, and together we design and build a custom product to suit your needs. If you have the idea we can build it.


All Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications products are custom built to your needs, are light weight and strong, durable, dustproof and dependable. They are built with the highest quality materials, and all trailers etc are manufactured in Adelaide, none of this importing completed items for us. We guarantee that customers will be happy with the high standard of manufacture and quality and are happy for you to come in and see your trailer being built, or we can send photos updating you.


We can now proudly say our campers and trailers are traversing all states of Australia and our products are being used by the State Emergency Service, Ambulance Service and Fire Department helping these fantastic people do their jobs.

Ring, email or come in and we can help you design your dream.

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